Engaging Boys and Addressing Masculinities in Comprehensive Sex Education

If I were Jack is a comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) programme designed to engage boys and address masculinities especially in relation to the topic of avoiding an unintended adolescent pregnancy. The programme has been extensively co-designed with young people, teachers, parents and RSE policy experts from across the UK and Ireland. It includes an interactive video drama entitled If I were Jack to engage young people and includes extensive classroom resources for teachers, pupils and parents. The programme has proven to be successful in helping both adolescent boys and girls avoid an unintended pregnancy in the Jack Trial (a UK-wide randomised controlled trial, health economic and process evaluation). If I were Jack is based on a gender-equality, also known as a ‘gender-transformative’ approach. It is specially designed to engage males and transform masculinities to be more consistent with gender-equality.

Read more about If I were Jack (qub.ac.uk).

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